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Our mission is to improve access and quality healthcare for all through state-of-the-art technological solutions.

Digitalization is changing the face of every sector. Not only does it avail both the private and public sectors a global presence and present them to their target audience, it helps potential target audience view and relate to service providers in a more personalized way. This avenue saves cost and provides easy access to service providers and target audience. However, this is a feat that the medical sectors in most developing countries have not fully achieved as potential clients still have limited access to information about local health providers.

Medicoor fills this gap through the provision of its online e-commerce marketplace for healthcare services where healthcare providers are connected with clients in need of medical, eye care, dental, diagnostic tests, and Rx services.

Through our dedicated staff of health care professionals and large network of health care providers, not only patients have a real partner that helps them navigate through an often complex, and loosely connected heathcare system, relatives also gain the confidence and peace of mind that their financial investment is finally put toward excellent care for their family.

A very large directory of health care providers

Medicoor brings patients and their families closer to practitioners and health care products beneficial to their well-being. Our database makes it possible to locate thousands of practitioners and medical facilities. An extensive review of provider’s profiles couple with the wealth of feedback from other patients and families who visited them in the past, facilitate the ability to pick the best providers.

Book online and pre-pay the exact cost of health

Although Medicoor works with health care insurance, it is not a health insurance company. Medicoor merely provides health care services on-demand. When patients find a healthcare professional for their needs, they get information about the exact cost of consultation, lab, scan or medication before they commit their finances. This is the real power of a digitized health care system and, in partnership with the best renown health care providers, Medicoor put it right at the hands of patients before they commit themselves financially.

Medical Assistance - Accompaniment of patients

Nothing is more stressful than when your family member has a medical appointment and you are not available to personally take them to their appointment because of a conflict in your schedule or simply because you live a great distance away from them. This is where we come to help. If you trust no one else to assist you or a loved one during a doctor’s visit, count on us to be there for you. When you purchase our Medical Assistance services, we send a professional nurse to the hospital or clinic of the appointment to attend you or your loved one during a medical visit. With the patient’s consent, we facilitate communication between the doctor and the patient, we fill out the required paperwork and work relentlessly to make the visit a pleasant experience. This is not a transportation service. However, our medical assistance service extends to include picking up exam results and medicine for patients while they rest home and recover.

Electronic health care system

Increased Quality of Care: Our EHR storage system provides the ability to exchange complete health information about a patient in real time. You will be able to consult your medical record or that of your family anytime and anywhere with just a single click from your computer or mobile phone. Accurate, up-to-date and thorough medical record naturally leads to a higher quality of care, from better diagnoses to reduced errors. When you buy our EHR storage solution, we send you automatic reminders for preventative visits and screenings. Our EHRs can help also better manage conditions for your loved ones and participate more fully in their healthcare. When it comes to medications, paper prescriptions can be lost or misread, leading to errors in dosage or even the wrong medication being dispensed. Electronic prescribing allows physicians to communicate directly with the pharmacy, reducing errors and saving time by eliminating lost prescriptions. Patient safety is also improved, as electronic prescribing automatically checks for potentially dangerous drug interactions.

Much needed pharmacy services

Our patients and their relatives enjoy the ability to chat with their local pharmacist to check for the price of medication or query their availability before they make the trip to purchase it. Electronic payment and delivery of medication at selected pharmacies is a convenience Medicoor provides to its patients.

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